New Skill Ideas

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New Skill Ideas

Post by RedRaven » Mon Jan 28, 2008 6:22 pm

Ninja- Acrobatic Strike- a skill that lets the ninja get in a first strike, by a graceful leaping spinning attack. Automatic, happens at start of round then regular combat begins for the round.

Elf/Seraph- Eagle Eye - doubles range on ranged weapons and/or increases damage to 110%

Assassin/Ninja - Graceful Exit- a skill that allows the user to simple walk out of combat. A simple word of parting and they can leave, the targets of this skill can not take offensive action for 3 rounds against the user. If the user returns to combat in this time with the same opponent, HR and DR are increased for the opponents as they become enraged at the user.

Illusionist - True Sight - a skill all illusionist have similar to the ring of true sight. Reduces damage from illusionary spells to 125 - %true sight.

Geomancer/Diamondman - Unshakable Earth - skill automatically functions when someone tries to knock down the character, ie bash or charge etc. Prevents char from being knocked down. and allows character to continue acting normal. base chance 110%- % unshakable earth (diamondman remort of obsidianman race idea)
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