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New Spell Ideas

Post by RedRaven » Mon Jan 28, 2008 5:49 pm

Earth Darts- more powerful Magic Missile spell, 2-6 darts (depending on caster % and/or level) Do slightly more damage than MM and has a range of 1 to 2 rooms.

Repair- uses the local terrain to "repair" an inanimate object. Similar to dwarves skill, but is a spell and requires Geomancer to be outside. Does not use up a repair slot and has a chance to work even if no repairs are left.

Suffocating Mud- Creates a blob of muddy ooze. This ooze lasts for 4 rounds or until dispelled. Can be thrown at an opponent with a high chance of hitting face (or other breathing/seeing). Blinds and causes minimal damage(suffocation) per round till it dissapears.

Earth Staff - Geomancer takes a small pinch of dirt cast the spell it becomes a 5ft long staff that only the caster can use (unscribable). Damage casters level * d6 (negotiable, but should be powerful. Automatic failure if someone tries to disarm it.

Tossing Earth- This spell affects the room (maybe adjoining) in much the same way as icing the floor, except that people don't slip, the ground actually tosses them in the air. Up to 20ft, with approprieate falling damage. (levitated flying chars unaffected)

Monstrous Mantle- Spell can be cast on self or others. It gives the effect of the target fighting better... +25HR +25 DR (or some such)

Impossible Lock- as the name suggests, just makes it harder to pick a lock. If not impossible.

Mind Fog - fogs the targets mind, makes it harder to concentrate to cast spells, pick locks etc... suggest 25% lowering of spell casting % on each spell.

Nobody Here - An area (1 room) affecting spell, makes it so that it appears noone is in the room. Only beings in room at time of casting are affected and they lose the spell if they leave the room. Detect Invis does not see through it. Any offensive act towards any being negates spell just for the attacker.

Circle of Well Being - temorarily creates a hi regen room. area glistens like ice on a lake, air cools but not uncomfortable.

Multi-missile - cast on a bolt, an arrow or other thrown weapon. if successful, it creates 3 more missiles in mid flight, if original hits 90% chance duplicates hit, if original misses 90% duplicates miss, duplicates do 1/2 damage die. Base 10% chance for target to disbelieve illusionary missiles +wis% so wisdom of 20 would have 30% automatic chance to disbelieve.

Other Place - Links 2 doorways. This spell cost a moonstone (or other reagent that may be added). This must be cast twice( by same caster) , once on each doorway within 4 game hours. Doors must be within range (same continent or whatever). If successful entering one door automatically transport to other. Some sort of magical glow or affect on the doors would show something was amiss. PK areas limited usage of course. Last for 48 game hours after second spell was cast.

Spirit Grip - draws on energy of the dead to damage target. effect would be little more than shocking grip or such,

Ethereal Darkness - makes the room dark for all except for any Necromancer in the room.

Shield Mist - creates a mist that forms into a shield and moves to deflect blows. Has 1/10th hp of the caster and on taking "killing damage" disappears. Heals completely every other round.

Spirit Double - summons a spirit to act as his double. same dex, str, con attributes. no magical abilities and base AC. And spirit versions of eq (1/10 damage on weapons. Necromancer can command it to do as he wishes, but must use voice commands so only if in same room. (if double and real in different areas, random which shows up on who/where)

Evil Eye- powerful curse lowers HR, DR, raises AC, etc
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