Colors and Channel Tags

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Colors and Channel Tags

Post by Tieryo » Sun Oct 15, 2006 3:54 pm

Well, channel tags have always been an issue for some. Not everyone likes them, and players who get drunk are required to remove their tags until sobering up. We've decided to change how they work, however.

We're planning on introducing a channeltag command (or some variation on that). You would set your channel tag with that, and it would no longer require an alias, or switching off while drunk. In addition, we will be adding a toggle for displaying the tag, so not everyone will have to see it (toggle channeltag would set it to display for you or not. Channeltag by itself will toggle your tag on or off, while 'channeltag <tag>' will set that as your new tag.
Not everyone likes the game's color scheme, and indeed, this can often be a reason to leave or stay with a game. We've been looking at this, and have decided on adding some expansions to the color command.
This is from the Dawn of Time codebase. We're thinking of something along these lines. With this system, players will be able to set what they want each part of the game's display to look like to them. This will also allow them to save color schemes, and to make them available for other players to use. We're not going to copy this, but it is the best example of what we want to do.

Like the lockers topic, I'd like to get some player feedback on both of these issues before we begin implementing them.
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Re: Colors and Channel Tags

Post by Mythology » Mon Oct 16, 2006 12:13 pm

For people who don't like the color scheme, most of them are able to change the default colors for most things within the program they connect to the mud with (zmud, gmud, mushclient, et all). While it seems like it would be a fantastic thing to do, I personally feel other aspects of the game are in need of attention moreso than the colors. I would not say scrap the idea, however, but instead focus on changes that could bring in more players.
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