Curse/Disease/Poison effects

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Curse/Disease/Poison effects

Post by Soth » Mon May 26, 2014 10:22 am

Since we're revamping everything, this could add some flavor and variety.

Curses, poisons, and diseases....rather than have them add the same stale, static effect (such as negative AC by 20, booooring), we could have it apply one (or more) effect from a list.

Example, curses:

Curse of Ineptitude: lower target max mana by 10%, or decrease intellect.
Klothiu's Litany: lower hit roll, damage roll, strength and dexterity by 5%
Curse of Luck: Increased % of negative effects from spells like Color Spray, Dispel magic, etc taking effect when cast

Could do the same thing for poisons and diseases...not wanting to supplant Sith toxin for poisons and so forth, but something that adds a variety of possible effects so that it's not the same old, same old.
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