Chapter 1: Homecoming

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Chapter 1: Homecoming

Post by Mythology » Fri May 13, 2005 8:14 pm

Tiglas lay on the ground, head detached from body, slowly withering to ash. Leader and fellow founder of the Cult of Power, he was no more.

Mythology, fellow founder of the Cult and sworn brother to Tiglas, stood over what remained of his comrade. The burning fire of hatred and anger enveloped him, his black eyes filled with chaotic circles of red; pure hatred glowing in the darkness. He knew that for this to happen, someone close had betrayed him.

“Myth, you might want to see this.”

As he walked up the hill, the sounds of swords clashing rang like echoes in his ears. From the top of the hill, two warriors could be seen fighting in the pale moonlight, both bathed in the insignia of the Cult. Xevira started towards the violence, but Mythology stopped him.

“Xev, I understand how you feel, but both warriors down there could finish you without thought. I know Turlis and Redraven very well, as both trained directly under Tiglas and I. I can barely hear a word they are saying from this distance, though.”

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

“Redraven, you son of a bitch!”

Redraven looked down his blade upon Turlis. Although he was a very strong and great warrior, Redraven was much stronger and greater yet. Personally trained by Tiglas and Mythology, the two vampires that followed the teachings of the Cult of Power for many years stood face to face.

“It figures that when Myth leaves to travel the lands, you would take the opportunity to destroy the Cult! You were only here for the glory of battle and the destruction of others. You cared nothing for the teachings, nor the honor in what you did!”

“You're a fool if you think I did this! Everything I did, EVERYTHING, was for the glory of the Cult! Before Mythology had left, he asked me to help Tiglas and Soth with any affairs that arose! When given that type of trust from the one whose teachings I idolized, why would I ever do this?”

“Quit your lies! I saw you standing over Tiglas' body, blade running red with blood! Tiglas' blood! I'm no fool, Redraven, and even if you kill me today, your days will be numbered soon enough! Myth will hunt you through the Abyss to destroy you with his own two hands!”

With a flick of the wrist, Turlis buried the dagger “Shadow dancer” into Redraven’s chest, causing him to stumble back and clutch the wound.

“You're still a fool. It doesn't matter, you've made your point clear. Only one of us will be able to walk away from here alive.”

Redraven then ripped the dagger from his chest and began a full assault on Turlis.

Matching every move, Turlis fought the best fight of his life. Images of Tiglas' decimated body, Ingen's throat being ripped open, Zanathos' charred remains flooded Turlis' conscious, driving him to fight harder and harder this night.

Redraven’s anger and frustration grew with every blow. He knew if he didn’t end this fight with Turlis quickly, his body would wear down from his earlier struggles.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

“ of us will be able to walk away from here alive.”

Looking down at the battlefield, Mythology and Xevira both watched Redraven lunge towards Turlis. The two traded blows, parrying, feinting, dodging, fading in and out of battle. It was obvious Redraven's form was better, but that Turlis was fighting with the essence of pure hatred.

“Lukus, Xevira, you both have helped me with some physical and philosophical struggles over the last couple of years. You have saved my life more than once. You both heard Redraven though, he attacked Turlis, and has already killed my brotherhood. Turlis and I are all that remain, and I mean to make sure we remain after today. But, this is something I must deal with alone.”

Lukus and Xevira both nodded, knowing there was nothing they could do to sway their friend's mind.

Mythology picked up the lance called “The Destroyer of Gods” from the ashes that remained of Tiglas. It was the weapon Tiglas had used throughout most of their adventures together. Whispering, he said “Even in death, you will still have your revenge, my brother.”

Racing up towards the battle, Mythology yelled to Redraven.

“You insolent bastard, Redraven! Die for your treachery!”

Redraven, startled by Mythology's rage, looked up the hill to the fierce minotaur. The drop in his guard gave Turlis the opportunity to sever Redraven’s left wrist, causing him to drop his blade.

Redraven quickly turned on Turlis.

“Let Mythology settle .. “

The lance called “The Destroyer of Gods” buried itself into the ground, piercing through Redraven’s stomach. Blood spewing forth from his mouth, Redraven took one last icy look at Turlis, then back up the hill towards the one who wounded him so gravely.”

Redraven's body shimmered slightly, then faded from existance. He was gone.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

“It's too bad he threw a little low.”

Xevira nodded towards Lukus as they both began to slowly walk behind Mythology, giving their friend a moment alone with what they knew remained of the Cult. When they finally arrived, Turlis looked at both and slowly nodded his head in thanks.

“Turlis, the cult has been nearly destroyed. For what I know, we are all that remains. In order to regain anything we lost, we need to find out as much information on Redraven's contacts outside of the cult. Now go. Remember, the Cult is not dead, and the fierce warrior within you will never change. You fared well against Red, but you still need practice. Make the world your training ground.”

Nodding, Turlis put his right hand upon Mythology's left shoulder; the minotaur returning the gesture. Turning, Turlis grabbed his weapons and rushed back towards Aethilforge. It would be daylight soon, and he needed to get to the temple to rest and prepare for travel.

Mythology, Xevira, and Lukus spent the morning burying the dead and gathering supplies for their journey ahead. For the Cult of Power, it was nearly the end. For Mythology, it was just the beginning.
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Chapter 2: Broken Silence

Post by Mythology » Sat May 14, 2005 9:35 am

Chapter 2: Broken Silence

“All aboard the Endeavor! Next stop, Achaeus!”

Lukus, Xevira and Mythology boarded the ship and put their belongings in their cabin. They stood at the railing of the ship, watching Plith disappear into the horizon. So much has happened over the last couple of days, but they knew they had a lot to prepare for.

That night, they decided to eat in their quarters, away from the merry antics of the elves and the drunken rants of the dwarves. The humans mostly stayed to themselves, other than the few like Xevira who enjoyed the company of other races. No vampires, liches, or sith were seen, aside from the scaly guise of Lukus who stayed under his executioner styled cloak.

There were a few vampire slayers, as well as slayers of all they deemed unholy. One drow had been seen, but her captivity by the dracons did not warrant an issue.

Breaking the welcomed silence of the night, a loud knock came to the door. Mythology quickly stood up and placed his hand on the hilt of the black sword. He knew trouble could be on the other side, and he was prepared.

Xevira opened the door and got slammed against the wall. Before anything else could be seen, Lukus and Xevira were both on the floor, weaponless. A short figure stood above them, wielding a glowing white scimitar. Mythology stood in front of him, his black sword concealed.

“I’ve heard rumors of a red eyed, black furred minotaur warrior wielding the tainted sword. You are the third black furred beast I’ve met. Unfortunately for me, your eyes aren't red either.

“But before I kill you, I must say, I tire of hunting this mythology. Him and his sword are both a farce, and rumors will cease eventually. There is no proof of his existence. ”

Xevira began to chuckle at the slayer, who icily glared in return.

“Pitiful Moron.”

“You foolish human! My name is Zoron! I am the greatest slayer ever to live! However, I stay in secrecy, how do you know of me?

A sickening wet noise could be heard in the room. Zoron looked at the sith, then back at the human, trying to find the source. When he turned his attention to the minotaur was when he realized something was gravely wrong.

Mythology stood before him, head lowered, with a hand on the hilt of his sword. The sword itself was the cause of fear, however. With no light reflecting on it, it was pure darkness. The blade was also of impressive size, long enough to extend from where Mythology was standing to be protruding out of Zoron's back.

“I know you because I am the rush in your veins. I am the ache in your heart. And, I am the reason you cannot sleep at night.”

“But… Your eyes! They are... not red! You... cannot be... him!”

Mythology looked up, locking sight with Zoron. Chaotic swirls of red blended into the black eyes of the black furred beast. Slowly, they began to subtly glow in the pale light.

“There are many stores about me. Some are grand legends, stories of horrific deeds. Others are altruistic nightmares that torture your soul. There is little you truly know of me, Zoron. There is one thing you now know to be true, though.”

Blood began to pour from Zoron’s mouth as Mythology slowly pulled the tainted sword from his falling corpse.

“I am Mythology.”

Zoron collapsed to the floor in a lifeless heap. His body slowly began to shift back into his true form. The form of the slayer.

Xevira and Lukus combed over the corpse, looking for anything that may be useful during their travels. If he truly was a great slayer, there was a chance he had some insight as to the whereabouts of Redraven.

Lukus buried his hand into the hole in Zoron’s chest and ripped out his largest rib bone. “Myth, it isn’t only slayers who can use their natural powers for fighting vampires. Any part of the slayer’s body may be used as a weapon. Next time you meet Red, bury this into his heart.”

For the rest of the evening, Mythology cleaned up the rib bone, preparing it for use as a weapon. He started to sharpen the rib, but stopped.

“Maybe a blacksmith in Achaeus will be able to sharpen this for me, even fashion a handle for it.”

Mythology put the rib bone away and looked out towards the crashing sea.
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Chapter 3: A Dark Rapture

Post by Mythology » Tue May 17, 2005 9:52 pm

Chapter 3: A Dark Rapture

“Now this could be difficult.”

As the passengers left the ship, a small group of draconians led the female drow captive onto the dock and through the east gate of Achaeus. Hundreds of people from the ship and the roads waited to gather to the marketplace. With a sadistic cry, the pilot of the goblin airship announced his landing.

“Myth, we have a little business to take care of at the Roadhouse Inn. Meet up with us there when you’re done here?”

Mythology nodded towards Xevira and Lukus, who left to handle their business, then looked towards the streets ahead of him. An old friend of his frequented this area, and had hoped to get some information from him.

* * * * * * * * *

“They went into the back of the building right there.”

Mythology nodded to Ardghal. “Thank you, friend. It’s amazing the places I run into you at.”

Ardghal nodded and grinned at the brute.

“By the way, is there any way you might be able to fashion this rib bone into a dagger for me?” Mythology pulled the slayer’s rib bone from his bag and gave it to Ardghal.

“A slayer's rib, and quite a powerful one indeed. Easily enough, give me a few days and I’ll return it to you.”

“Thank you, Ardghal. I’ll see you in a few days then.”

Ardghal bowed to Mythology and lost himself in the marketplace.

Mythology turned and walked to the back of the building. When he reached the door, he felt a sharp pain in the back of his head, then all was dark.

* * * * * * * * *

“Wake up!”

Mythology stirred a little, slowly opening his eyes. “Who.. are you..?” he managed to speak.

The dark figure stayed within the shadows of the room. “I don’t believe you’re in a position of asking questions.” Mythology looked down at the manacles chaining his arms and legs together, shaking them a bit to test their durability. “But if you must know, I am Sirrus.”

“Then that would make her Senna. I thought she looked familiar. I seen her fight in the Grand Championships of Seralia a year ago. She lost to Redraven.”

“Don't speak to me of that disgrace to vampires. I want nothing more than to see his ashes float away in the morning wind.”

“It looks like we have something in common then.”

Sirrus looked Mythology over. “I don’t remember seeing you at the tournament last year.”

“When a person wins the tournament, they aren’t allowed to compete in the next. I am the Grand Champion from two years ago.”

“What?! Wait, you're Mythology? Then Redraven.. You're both from the cult, are you not?”

“Redraven is no cultist.”

Slowly standing to his feet, Mythology again examined the manacles containing him.

“I do apologize, I didn't realize who you were. Here, let me get the key. Sadly, your leg manacles I have no key for, it seems in the last few days it has come up missing.”

Quickly, Sirrus unlocked the wrist cuffs. He stepped away from Mythology as the beast shattered the chains binding his legs together. The shackles around his ankles remained, but the chains were no more.

“I have one,” Sirrus grinned.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

“You bastards! Come on, I’ll fight any of you!”

The dracons watching the feisty drow laughed and went back to their card game.

“Hah! Dragons over elves! I win!”

“You asshole. I’m out. Count me in the next game after we sell this thing off. I’m calling it a night.” He left the room and shut the door behind him.

Sirrus slammed the hilt of his dagger into the back of the draconian’s neck, causing him to stumble forward.

“Shit that hurts! What the...”

The dracon looked up at the bulky figure before him and collapses to the floor, dead. Sirrus wiped his bloody dagger off on the dracon’s clothing and sheathed it.

“Myth, he probably thought you punched him.”

“I was going to. Now what about the rest?”

“Well it is night. They’re drunk and playing cards by candlelight. So if we remove their ability to see…”

“They’ll breathe fire on us and eat minoburgers for dinner. I have a better plan.”

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

A soft knock on the door interrupted the draconians. Grumbling, the one got up and checked to see who was there. “Whoa! Guys, looks like we get some entertainment tonight!”

A voluptuous dracon prostitute slowly walked into the room. She winked at one guard who stood
up and offered her his chair.

She smiled and motioned for a drink. She poured a small vile of powder into the drink and
took a small sip. Immediately, she screamed in a wicked ecstasy and licked her lips at a guard
across the table. “Ooh baby this stuff is sooo gooood...”

“I gotta try that!”

“Me too!”

All five guards took their turn taking a drink of the drugged fluid. Within minutes, all were laying on the floor, poisoned into unconsciousness.

“It worked!” exclaimed Sirrus, shifting back into his original form.

Mythology entered the room and laughed at Sirrus.

“You make a good looking chick.”

“Speaking of the greater sex, unlock this damned cage door Sirrus!”

After unlocking the cage, Sirrus opened the door for Senna. With a very pissed look on her face, she immediately gathered her weapons and left a single hand-carved bolt sticking out of the faces of each of the guards.

“I thank you, minotaur. Pardon my rush, but we must finish our mission.”

“I’ll fill her in.” Sirrus said, nodding towards Mythology.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Mythology walked out into the marketplace, when a dark figure pulled him aside.

“Lukus' final lesson was learned tonight. He was able to use the power word ‘Kill’ and saved my life. For now, we have parted ways, as there's little left I can teach him myself,” Xevira quietly said.

Mythology nodded, saying “We’ll see him again someday.” Mythology looked back towards the marketplace. “Xev, do you remember the drow from the ship?”

“You mean the one standing behind you?”

Mythology turned to face Senna as Xevira flashed a seductive look towards her. She returned the look with a roll of her eyes.

“There are outside forces making moves against my faith. We don't believe these are directly related to Redraven, but if we hear anything, we will get that information to you. You just saved my life, I owe this to you at least.”

“Thank you Senna, and you as well Sirrus. If we hear any rumblings of moves being made, we will get that to you as well. Just please.. if a Lich comes out from nowhere to speak to you, don't kill the bastard.”

Mythology looked back to the marketplace, daydreaming a dark rapture.

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Chapter 4: Transcending

Post by Mythology » Mon May 30, 2005 10:53 pm

Chapter 4: Transcending

“Finally, we’re here.”

Mythology nodded at Xevira.

“It’s been a long time since I've been here. Wasn't sure I'd ever come back, with nearly everyone dead. The Bleeding Bastard Inn had been a favorite place for relaxation. Many days were spent with my old comrades in the Cult, telling stories, sharing adventures, and even slaying foes. Did you know this place used to be called The Watering Hole?”

“How did it get its new name?”

Mythology looked around, taking in his surroundings. The place seemed about how he had remembered it, aside from a few new pieces of décor. An odd site, a female elf sat at a table near the door, accompanied by a female dracon. The pairing seemed odd, for usually only the most despicable type hung around these parts. Murderers, thieves, mercenaries for hire, et all. Elves, Draconians, and Slayers tended to stay away from these parts unless they were looking for trouble. Judging by the armor, the elf seemed quite capable of defending herself, but the draconian wasn't geared for combat, merely survival. Her lithe figure, though, gave him reason to look and wonder longer.

“It was from a few too many unsavory folk coming in here, then coming out bleeding. The business is still called The Watering Hole, but everyone in town calls it otherwise.”

Continuing to look around the room, the only other patron that stood out were a figure in the back corner, covered by long robes. Likely, it was a Lich, and may even be Ardghal returning the fang. There were two others that were sitting a short distance away, but they didn't seem to be paying much attention to anyone else there.

“Years ago, Tiglas, Xavis and I were here eating and drinking and being asses like always. There were the regulars in and out like normal. Tiglas had already been with two of the serving wenches by midnight. In the far corner there, another minotaur and vampire were drinking.”

“If they would have had a human with them, it would have been like your friends and you.”

“Not quite. They weren’t like us. We were rowdy and drunk like usual, they were silent and had put their candles out and sat in total darkness. Near closing time, they walked over near us and the vampire sprung forward with…”

“With his sword and left a very nasty little gash on Xavis’ arm!”

The cloaked figure finished his drink, slammed it on the table, and walked over to the duo. In the pale candlelight, Mythology could see that it was Armand.

Mythology quickly stood up, knocking the table and chairs to the floor. Xevira quickly moved hands to weapons, waiting for someone to strike. In the back corner, the Lich's gaze seemed to show favor towards this entertainment, while the elf and draconian stood up from their table and stood back. The situation looked grim.

“Oh settle, minotaur. The last time we fought here, too much of the furniture was destroyed. And poor Xavis, his blood was everywhere!”

“What are you doing here, Armand?”

“Well, I was looking for information on where to find you. This works even better. There's someone waiting for you outside.”

Armand started moving towards the door, near where Mythology stood. Not willing to wager Armand wouldn't attempt a sneak attack, he backed away from the door, arms slightly outstretched, keeping the elf and draconian behind him. “Don't dare make a move in here, Armand. I will go see this person waiting for me outside.”

Xevira stared at Armand in total dismay as he started laughing while walking out the door.


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

“Hello, brother!.” Redraven stood in the middle of the street, covered in a dark cloak. His entire body covered, but his menacing laugh showed through.

“You bastard. You have the tenacity to call me brother?”

“To each his own, I guess. Things are much different now. The cult is no more, and while you've been gallavanting from town to town, I've been getting down to business.”

Mythology looked towards the shadows behind Redraven, noticing many figures slightly shifting in the shadows.

“So what is it you want, Redraven? Come to claim more lives?”

“So you still think it was me. I've been looking for the person who really killed our brothers, and the whole time you've been looking for me. It's pathetic. I'm glad that the cult is no more. You are a damn joke. Armand, dispatch of this fool. Mythology is mine!”

Armand looked Xevira up and down.

“This could be fun.”

Armand and Redraven both removed their cloaks, revealing faces that looked darker and more sinister. They no longer resembled their former vampiric selves. They were now demonic assassins. They were fiends.

Throughout the entire battle, it was apparent that Mythology and Xevira were outmatched. Within minutes, the two of them lay on the cobblestone path, unconscious.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

“Now that... hurt.”

Xevira slowly stood up, almost forgetting what had happened. Twitching, he nervously looked around him. He could see who he thought was Mythology, but this creature was much larger and had a second set of horns growing from its head at an incredible rate.

Xevira, too, noticed changes within himself. A new found strength coursed through his body. He knew what was happening, and he openly accepted it. He turned back to the cobblestone and blacked out.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Mythology nudged Xevira, groaning, and the once human slowly sat up.

“Did we...”

Mythology nodded.

“Quite impressive, you two.” Ardghal slowly walked out of the shadows.

“Did you see all of this?” asked Mythology.

“Yes, the transcending you two experienced was most amazing.”

“I meant about Redraven.”

“And Armand,” Xevira fumed.

“Oh, yes yes. Those two went back towards the Dungeon Mystica. At least I assume so, they traveled north once they got up to the surface. I would assume you two will travel that direction? Good! I shall accompany you.”

Mythology picked up his belongings and headed west to leave Aethilforge behind him.

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Re: Chapter 5: Depths of Mystica

Post by Mythology » Thu Jul 28, 2005 6:33 am

Chapter 5: The Depths of Mystica

“We should have come straight here!”

Xevira looked over at Myth. The Hell Baron’s determination was more present now than it had ever been.

“Myth, those two dispatched us in a few minutes, and they were toying with us! All I was saying is maybe we should train more before facing them. It's been a month, there's probably no clue as to where they even went from Mystica.”

“Then leave. I’ll kill both of those bastards myself.”

Xevira stopped walking a moment, but jogged back up to Mythology.

“You forget, we’ve traveled together for many months. We’ve saved each other’s asses many times. And, we’ve defeated many foes together.”

Ardghal looked over to Xevira.

“I was there for some of it, too. But you are right, Xevira. You two have traveled together for many months. You both know you’ll back each other up under any circumstances.”

Mythology and Xevira both nodded.

“Then lets see what we can find out about our little problem.”

* * * * * * * * *

“I think we may have a problem.”

White eyes surrounded the trio from all directions, glowing in the darkness.


Ardghal only grinned. “You two go on ahead, I can take care of these easily.”

Ardghal merely brushed his hand across a circling manticore, causing it to tremble and withering its hide. The crippling touch of the now wraith was brutal against living foes.”

Mythology kicked up sand into one manticore’s eyes, giving him and Xevira an opportunity to escape.

* * * * * * * * *

“Think he’ll follow us down?”

“I doubt it Xev. That’s just the way Ardghal is.”

About twenty minutes had passed since they left their friend to deal with the manticores alone. Ardghal was quite alright they knew. He was a very accomplished martial artist and could handle the beasts with relative ease.

“Myth, did you hear that?”

“Yeah, sounds like weapons clashing, lets get down there!”

* * * * * * * * *

“You’ll never defeat me!”

The fiend took another swing with his axe. The naga fighter side stepped the blow, weary with battle. The fiend merely laughed at him. “Pathetic. The seraph is nearly dead. The dracon is helpless. And soon, you will be dead!”

The fiend swung again, knocking his enemy's weapon from his hand. He brought his axe up again to finish the naga. The axe swung down, determined to remove the head of the creature before him.Within inches of striking, a loud clash rung out and the axe was pinned against a weapon that seemingly came out of nowhere.

“Wynn you son of a bitch! You will not kill my friend!”

Xevira stood between Wynn, the vampire lord of Mystica, and Lukus, Xevira’s former student. Wynn grinned at the avatar before him.

“You, too, must truly be a fool if you think to destroy me!”

The seraph warrior continued to lay unconscious on the cold stone floor, blood trickling from the wound on her neck. The draconian, silenced with fear, trembled behind Xevira and Lukus. Wynn was ready to kill.

Wynn swung his axe at the duo before him, connecting the flat side of the axe against both fighters. Xevira and Lukus flew to the side, crashing against the stone wall and collapsing to the floor in a heap.

Wynn looked down at the draconian, the only conscious person in front of him. “So much for protecting you. I was going to turn you, make you my bride. These three have angered me though, and for that, you will all suffer!”

Wynn raised his axe to finish his task. At that moment, the draconian fainted.


“No. Innocent. You, Wynn, are weak.”

Mythology charged into the room, slamming against Wynn and goring him with his horns. Wynn’s axe fell to the stone floor, the sound echoing off the walls of the stone chamber.

“You will die with the rest of these insolent fools!”

Wynn faded from existance, and reappeared behind Mythology, axe in hand. Mythology held both arms outward; dual tainted swords in hand. Wynn charged at Mythology, feinted to his right and swung the butt of the axe from the left. Mythology easily parried the blow, with one sword, and used the other to slice through Wynn's unprotected side. Myth continued the assault, attacking from the left, then right, back and forth in an endless onslaught. Wynn did his best to block and counter, but to no avail.

Lukus and Xevira slowly started to sit up look around to seet what was happening. Mythology ran one tainted sword through Wynn's stomach, then spun around with the other, decapitating the fiend.

“I wasn’t expecting to be saved by you two today”

Xevira smiled at Lukus. Lukus nodded in return.

Xevira walked over to the seraph's motionless body. “I’ll check on her. I may have to draw the blood out of the wound on her neck, though.”

“Her name is Elzamine. The dracon is Riane. Elzamine is the founder of Almarea Coivea, and Riane is her most trusted advisor and friend. Being a warrior, Elzamine has taken the personal duty of protecting Riane as well.”

“Lukus, I’m sure she will still be thankful for what you did. You were willing to give your life in order to save hers.”

Mythology walked over to Riane and lifted her from the ground. Lukus and Xevira helped Elzamine to her feet. She glanced over at the towering figure carrying Riane, face filled with horror.

“No!” With great speed, Elzamine charged Mythology, burying her spear into his shoulder. Lukus quickly restrained her, while Xevira moved to check on Mythology's wound.

“He and Xevira just saved our lives!”

Shaken, Elzamine let go of the spear, allowing Xevira to pull it from Mythology, who never flinched.

“I’m sorry that I...”

“It’s ok. I understand your fear.”

“Thank you. Please, come back to our home with us. It’s the least we can do.”

Lukus looked to Xevira, “And we have some catching up to do.”

“Hopefully there’s something good to eat there also,” replied Xevira as he patted his stomach.

Mythology stayed silent, still looking at the draconian in his arms.

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Chapter 6: Almarea Coivea

Post by Mythology » Fri Aug 12, 2005 12:31 am

Chapter 6: Almarea Coivea

“I've been through there hundreds of times, and never noticed that before.”

After every member of the group was inside, Lukus locked the gates to the temple behind him. Elzamine lead the party through the narrow passageway, leading to the great room. “Please, allow yourself to rest here for the evening. Lukus can show you to the quarters where you may rest. Riane and I must discuss a few things with our advisers, and we can meet back up in the morning.”

Lukus lead Xevira and Mythology to the dining hall, and the three sat in silence while eating.

“The journey back here was too simple,” Mythology finally muttered. “I didn't detect anyone following us, either.”

“Things are probably much simpler for us than they were for you and the cult, Myth,” replied Lukus. “Almarea Coivea is not at war with anyone. Things are a little calmer around here.”

“That reminds me Lukus. What does Almarea Coivea stand for?” asked Xevira.

“It means 'Blessed Awakening.' As you can tell by the banners, our flag is of a lily. Throughout the temple, you will find numerous different gardens as well. Most of us have our own personal gardens that we tend to, and while traveling, others assist in taking care of them. It seems silly, at first. I thought so as well. As I became more accustom to it, the more I realized how much it allowed me to be at peace within myself. The garden slowly became an extension of myself.”

Xevira poured himself another glass of the elven wine. “This stuff is actually pretty good. So tell us Lukus, how did you wind up here?”

The words and the wine continued to flow well into the evening...

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Mythology slowly opened his eyes, afraid to move. The pounding in his head was like having two dwarven weapon smiths forging an ingot into a master blade. Xevira lay sprawled on the floor just a few feet away. It looked as though he may have passed out and fell backwards while sitting on the stool. Lukus was nowhere to be found, but Myth assumed he finally wandered off to his own quarters.

Slowly, he got up to his feet and looked around the dining hall. It seemed to still be early morning, and there were a few others passing through this area to get their meals. All of them kept their distance from him, not only because of him being a minotaur, but also because word spread quickly through the temple as to which this minotaur was.

“Excuse me, I barely remember when we arrived last night. Where is the nearest place for me to step outside and get some fresh air?” Mythology asked one of the passerby’s.

“Ahh, yes. Out through those doors, to your right. It will take you out into the main courtyard.” he replied. “By the way, my name is Angroth. Elzamine and Riane spoke to me last night and told me of you and Xevira arriving with them. I just want to thank you personally for coming to their aid. I wanted to travel with them, but Elzamine insisted that they would be careful.”

Mythology nodded in return. “It was no problem, Angroth. Lukus has been a friend for a long time. Any friend of his, is a friend of mine.”

“Ahh, a far different version of the legend you have woven. Many fear you because of past deeds, past battles won. Lukus spoke to your good will earlier this morning, however. Some had a difficult time believing his words, but now in speaking to you myself, I believe him as well. Please, go enjoy the gardens. The aroma will help with the headache, I'm sure.”

“Thank you.”

Mythology left the dining hall, and headed through the doors leading to the courtyard. It was quite large, surprisingly. Many different statues, fountains and flowers decorated the area. It was all a little too colorful for his own liking, but Angroth was correct about the fresh floral air alleviating his headache.

He continued to walk down the different pathways, enjoying the tranquility that Lukus had explained to him the night before. He felt calm, at ease, and finally even inspired. It wasn't the craftsmanship of the statues or the aroma of the flowers that caused his inspiration, but rather it was catching the beautiful draconian in the far corner of the garden, tending to a rose.

Myth lost track as to how long he was standing there, staring at Riane, watching her tend the roses. He had become so lost in the process that Riane was halfway to him before he realized he had been staring at her the whole time.

“If you want, you can help. It'd make my job a little easier and then you could talk to me instead of just stare at me.”

Myth shook his head. “I'm sorry, I didn't mean to offend. But yes, I think I would enjoy helping you with the garden.”

A couple of hours went by as Riane and Mythology fed and watered the different plant life, cleaned up the statues, tended the beds. Riane would tell Mythology stories from the past, which would make the minotaur smile and laugh. In turn, he told her stories as well, many of which caused her to cringe in horror. As they were finishing up, they passed a small corner of the garden. There was no grass. There were no flowers. No statues. Nothing.

“Why is this area so barren, compared to the rest of the garden?” Mythology asked Riane.

“This part of the garden has never grown. Many have tried to grow different flowers here, but nothing has ever worked. Some say it's cursed, but nobody knows for sure. I just think it's waiting for the right person to tend to it. “

Together, they walked back into the temple.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Elzamine had gathered all of the members of Almarea Coivea together in the great hall. There was a big deal made about the proceedings about to take place, and as many people as were available showed. The previous night, Elzamine and Riane had spoken with the others about including Xevira and Mythology into their ranks. At first, everyone was apprehensive. Little was known about Xevira. Nobody knew what kind of person he truly was, and the most pressing issue facing him was the company in which he kept; Mythology. Everyone knew the minotaur. They knew of the stories and legends surrounding him, as well as those of the cult. Many were surprised to hear that the cult had disbanded. It's influence over the land still held strong. Elzamine stood up and began speaking to the followers.

“We have all gathered here today to discuss additions to our ranks. Xevira and Mythology have both proven themselves loyal. Not to Almarea Coivea, but to their friend, Lukus. We have witnessed their prowess in battle. We have witnessed their self sacrifice for their comrades. Before bringing them in here to make their case, I would ask Lukus to speak.”

As Elzamine sat back down into her seat, Lukus stood up from his. “As what seems ages past, I traveled with Xevira and Mythology across the lands. Xevira and Mythology were close friends then, and closer now. Xevira was my teacher. He taught me how to manipulate my magic, to grow my powers, to become the mage I am today. Mythology taught me battle. As you all know, there are only two here that can usually best me in combat; Elzamine and Spunky. As great as you two are, I could never land more than a small scratch on Mythology. He is able to harness his battle rage in ways I've never thought possible. During those two years of travel together, I learned a lot about what type of people they are. Xevira is devout, loyal, and trustworthy. He is honest to a fault. Mythology is fierce, yet controlled. Calculating. Everything he does is with purpose, and he does to completion. As there are three of us bringing these two men to our halls, I feel now is the time to make our decision.”

Baelwolf opened the doors leading into the great hall, and Xevira and Mythology walked into the center of the room. Baelwolf returned to his seat, as Ithilidin stood to speak.

“Xevira and Mythology, you have been brought here to speak on your own behalf, answer the questions brought forth to you, and then we shall vote to decide your fate.”

The duo nodded their approval to the proceedings. Xevira took a step forward to speak. He told of his past; where he was from, what his driving force was. He spoke of his friendship with Lukus, not only as Master to Apprentice. He spoke of his travels with Mythology. Most importantly, he spoke the truth. When asked if there was anything he wished to add, Mythology merely shook his head.

They were both asked questions by various members of Almarea Coivea, and both answered questions truthfully. Near the end, Elzamine stood and looked at the two before her.

“Can you, today, promise to uphold any and all beliefs of Almarea Coivea above all others?”

“I do so promise,” replied Xevira.

Mythology merely shook his head no.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

After Mythology and Xevira left the hall, the members of the church proceeded with their voting.

“In the matter of Xevira, please state yay or nay,” said Elzamine. “Yay.”

“Yay,” replied Spunky.

“Yay,” replied Ithilidin.

“Yay,” replied Baelwolf.

“Yay,” replied Arlox.

“Yay,” replied Eiledh.

“Yay,” replied Angroth.

“Yay,” replied Lukus.

“Yay,” replied Riane.

“Unanimous decision. Xevira will be inducted into the ranks of Almarea Coivea,” stated Elzamine. “In the matter of Mythology, please state yay or nay. Yay.”

“Yay,” replied Spunky.

“Nay,” replied Ithilidin.

“Nay,” replied Baelwolf.

“Nay,” replied Arlox.

“Nay,” replied Eiledh.

“Yay,” replied Angroth.

“Yay,” replied Lukus.

All eyes went to Riane, as the vote stood four to four. Half of the people before her were in favor of the minotaur. His battle prowess and loyalty to his comrades were large factors in this. He had saved Elzamine's life. Angroth seemed to have a keen understanding of Mythology's ideals. Spunky had fought alongside Mythology during wars of the past. Lukus was a long time friend. Many were still fearful of Mythology, however, and his answers during questioning gave them reason to be so. He admitted to killing in cold blood. He admitted to being one of the prime instigators in the wars that brought down Belaat Gebal, Pestilence, The Black Tower and Darkness. He even admitted that he would not uphold the ideals of Almarea Coivea above all else. Arlox feared the unknown this brought to their halls. Baelwolf feared the repercussions this would have. Despite her love for Lukus, Eiledh feared the minotaur. Ithilidin found him to be untrustworthy.

The final say in this matter was in her hands. Even after saving their lives, knowing what she knew about the minotaur would have caused her to say nay immediately. The walk in the garden, tending to the needs of flowers that could not tend themselves, showed her another side to him other than evil. If he could tend to the needs of flowers that needed his help, he could do the same for those that needed help within the church.

Riane stood up from her chair and looked across the room. She kept straight faced, and looked everyone there directly into the eyes. She looked away, walking towards the exit of the hall leading to her personal chambers. As she reached the door, she turned back and gave her answer before departing for the evening.


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Chapter 7: Haunting Past

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Chapter 7: Haunting Past


Sirrus ran through the vacant city square of Reza, leaping over the stone benches, making his way towards western Lanos street. He didn't know for sure where she would be, only that she was searching this area of town. Several members of their order had already been slaughtered. Sirrus had no idea who was assaulting them, nor their numbers. The only thing he knew was he needed to find his leader and get away from this city.

As he rounded the corner to Claussen Street, an overwhelming sickness enveloped him. In the middle of the deserted street lay Senna's lifeless body.

As he bent down to pick her up, he heard a faint sound behind him. He quickly jumped up and turned, only to be met in the face with a giant gauntlet, and all was black...

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

A month had past since Xevira and Mythology had joined ranks with Almarea Coivea. Things for the duo were pretty quiet, aside from their training regiment. One would assume new members of an order would be getting lessons in might and magic, but they played the part of instructors instead. Xevira taught numerous members about the art of magical warfare. Mythology taught them how to find your opponents weakness by exploiting their strengths.

Xevira also used this time to start up his own garden. Xevira soon realized that Lukus was right. Tending to his plants brought a sense of calm tranquility that he was unable to enjoy for the last few months. As he cleaned up to head to the dining hall, he wondered how his friend was doing. This calm, collected life was far different than the constant warfare he was used to. When not training though, he was not easily found. Xevira had difficulty catching up with Mythology when needed.

As Xevira passed through the great hall, Baelwolf ran after him, nearly out of breath.

“Xevira! Wait!” he bellowed. “There was a message delivered to us today for Mythology, but I can't seem to find him anywhere! Sirrus seeks audience about a very important matter, and the only thing he added was a drawing of the symbol of Dark Rapture broken in half.”

Xevira felt ill. He knew that this month of quiet was too good to be true. Already, it was reminding him of the night, three years ago, where Mythology was delivered a similar message..

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Mythology stepped into his quarters, fully intent on running a bath. His latest project was becoming quite a dirty one. As he prepared for a restful evening, he noticed something different. Laying on top of his bed was a note from Xevira, as well as the original message from Sirrus..

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

“Whoever it was, they were massive. I couldn't believe the sheer size of the fist that knocked me unconscious,” said Sirrus, speaking back to the events a month prior. “When I awoke, Senna's body had already been wrapped up by some of the citizens of Reza. One of them said he couldn't believe I was left alive. Any time that horrible being has ever attacked anyone, it left nobody as witness.”

Xevira mulled this over, while Mythology silently sat deep in thought. The brutality of the attack rang true of the past, but the monstrosity who did this did not.

“Did anyone have a name for who did this? The people of Reza seem to have bore witness more than once to this.”

“Nobody there was willing to give me a name, for they feared the whisperings of the name would be enough to summon him again. What I did gather, though, is he is a titan. Or rather, he was a titan. He did seem to change dramatically about three years ago, they said. He is from Reza originally, and still calls some remote location nearby his home. Typically calmer creatures, this one's life was filled with misery, causing his mentality to slip. He loves nothing, fears nothing, and kills anything.”

Mythology suddenly shook himself out of his deep thought and looked over to Sirrus. “What are you going to do from here out?”

“There's another group that has been looking into this creature as well. You aren't going to like this, but it's the Vampire's Masquerade.” Mythology looked intently at Sirrus. “Wait, hear me out first. They have been actively looking into his movements, and were only about a day behind him when he attacked Senna and I. I've worked with them a little so far, and they've been feeding me information that I'm able to give you now, as well. I remember your history with them though, Myth. I'm looking into that as well, trying to get some information without giving it away the info is going to you. There's a lead I'm working on, but I want to make sure I have as much detail as possible before I pass it to you.”

“I appreciate any information you're able to get to me, Sirrus.”

“I'll leave you two to it then. I need to get back and see if Masq has found any new information on this person.”

As Sirrus left, Ardghal came out from the shadows. He leaned over towards Mythology. “I didn't want to say anything, but I've heard of this maniac before. He had been attacked in Reza by a sizable party, nearly beaten to death. It was over something petty, but that part is lost to history. That was when his changes began, turning him from his former titan self into the colossus he is now. It also caused him to become psychotic. The group that jumped him were found murdered throughout the city.”

“A name, Ardghal. Please, give us a name.”


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

“Does it ever make you feel uncomfortable the way Ardghal just appears out of nowhere?”

Laughing, Mythology merely responded “Uncomfortable is when you shake his hand.”

Xevira and Mythology met with Elzamine, Riane and Lukus in the great hall. Xevira explained in great detail everything learned from Sirrus, including information about Redraven. At first mention of the Vampire's Masquerade, Lukus' knuckles whitened.

“So what is the plan with Arkain?” Xevira asked.

“If everything said is true, then he's a fiend that needs to be dealt with. Normally, this sort of thing we have always stayed out of, but innocent people as well as friends are being killed. Since Masq has more information than us already in this matter, we let Sirrus gather the intel he can and give it to Mythology.” Elzamine stood up, then continued, “I will dispatch people to other cities to see if any other information can be dug up on this Arkain.”

“I feel it best we keep away from the matter until Sirrus is heard back from, as well. I understand the history involving Redraven and the Masq, but we cannot let past deeds cloud our judgment on this endeavor.” Riane also stood up after speaking her piece, “A lot of preparations need to be made in the morning for our runners. Until then, I bid you all good night.”

Riane left the hall, heading towards the back of the temple to her quarters. Elzamine, too, departed.

Aware that Xevira and Lukus were looking to him for some input on the decision made this evening, Mythology merely sat in silence for a few moments longer. “They are right, just the opportunity to get my hands on Redraven has my reasoning skewed. I think I just need to sleep. Too much has happened today already.”

Xevira and Lukus moved to the dining hall and continued to talk over bottles of elven wine.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

As Xevira stumbled his way back to his quarters, he kept looking out the windows towards the garden. He swore he seen Riane standing outside, with a worried look on her face. Even though she was rarely seen not smiling, the puzzling part of what he seen wasn't the look on her face. It was that she was standing out there, hand in hand, facing Mythology.

When he woke, he didn't know if that vision was reality, or the elven wine from the night before..

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Chapter 8: Vexation

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Chapter 8: Vexation

As various members of the church scattered about the land to gather information, Mythology and Xevira left the temple and travelled to Aethilforge to meet with Sirrus. The night before, a messenger had brought a letter asking for the meeting. An odd place to meet, they were headed for the Bleeding Bastard Tavern.

“What information do you think he was able to get this quickly?” asked Xevira. “He had only been gone for a few hours.”

“It's possible that Redraven has dug up something on Arkain, and he wanted to get the info to us as soon as possible.”

As they entered the Inn, immediately they knew they had been played. The owner was slain, laying over the bar. No other patrons were inside.

“Damnit! It was a trick to lure us out! Myth, I'll go out the back entrance and circle around, see who is hiding out there.”

Mythology nodded, brandished his tainted swords, and stood facing the doorway. A minute passed, as Xevira walked back in.

“There's nobody out there. This wasn't a trap for us, it was to lure us away from the temple!”

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Mythology and Xevira ran up to the temple to an awful sight. Elzamine and Armand stood facing each other, merely feet apart. Other fleeting shadows could be seen in the woods surrounding the hall. One of them for sure would be Redraven. Lukus, Ithilidin, Spunky, Arlox, and Angroth stood behind Elzamine, guarding her flanks and the doors to the temple. The duo ran next to the temple walls, coming up alongside their comrades.

“Ahh, Mythology. How great of you to finally join us. I trust you had an excellent journey to our old hang out?”

“Redraven, you bastard. What was the point of sending us to Aethilforge?”

“Ahh, Myth.” Redraven slowly stepped from the shadows of the forest, forcing a cloaked figure out of the woods with him. Whoever was there was of slighter stature than Sirrus, and their hands seemed to be bound together. “I sent you away, so I could get what I needed. Now, I have your attention, and I will get your assistance as well.”

“I still don't understand your purpose here! I've already figured out it was not you that attacked the Cult. It was not you that killed Tiglas. It was that bastard Arkain! I'm after him!”

“That's why I'm here, Myth. I need every last bit of information you have on that bastards location so that I may kill him myself. I'm not giving you that priviledge. Not after you tried to take my life! You will either give me all of the info you have on Arkain this instant,” Redraven pulled the cloak away from the figure next to him, revealing a frightened Riane, “Or she will die!”

Every muscle tightened in Mythology's body. Elzamine gasped in horror. Everyone there knew Redraven wouldn't hesitate. Mythology slowly let his body relax, knowing the slightest movement could motivate Redraven to murder.

“The only things we know about Arkain at this point, were given to us by Sirrus. We just today started reaching out to gather more, and no reports have come back yet,” Elzamine yelled to Redraven. “Let her go! She has no stake in this hostility at all!”

Redraven pulled a dagger out from his cloak.

“Oh, but she does. You see, if I hurt her, that hurts all of you. And if I hurt all of you, that hurts him!” Redraven raged, pointing the dagger at Mythology. “I want him to suffer!”

“You want me to suffer? For what? For trusting you to back the Cult? For trusting you to be there for Tiglas, while I was away?”

Redraven looked away from Mythology, back to Riane. Tugging the rope, he brought her bound hands up to his, and cut the rope away. “There, she goes free.”

Riane quickly darted from Redraven, running towards Elzamine and Mythology. As she got a few feet away, Mythology noticed the sneer in the corner of Redraven's mouth just as his form began to shimmer. Quickly, Mythology unsheathed his dual blades faded from existance as well. Just as Redraven returned to vision, arm poised for a deadly backstab, Mythology slammed into his body, sprawling him backwards.

“Look behind you, you fool! Look what you have done!”

Mythology quickly turned just in time to see Armand holding Riane to his side, his spiked gauntlet pointed towards her delicate face.

“I seen Armand ready to strike at her as I freed her. I had suspicions he was in league with Arkain, and I was using this opportunity to stop him! You ruined this, Mythology!”

“Shut up the both of you!” screamed Armand. “None of you stand a chance against my lord Arkain! None of you shall survive once he sets his sight upon you!”

As Armand, in his delusional fit looked back and forth from person to person, Redraven again faded from sight, back to the trees.

“Now, you will all understand the power my Lord Arkain has!”

As Armand pulled his fist back to strike, Mythology quickly faded from existance. Redraven reached Armand first, taking the full blow of his strike, sending him sprawling to the side. Mythology grabbed Armand by the throat and the wrist, lifting him above the ground. In the turmoil, Armand's grasp on Riane broke and she ran towards Elzamine.

As Armand struggled in Mythology's grasp, Redraven looked up at him from the ground.

“Fool. Arkain is no Lord, and you are a mere puppet.”

Armand's icy glare burned through Redraven. The only thing stopping him from being afraid, was the hell baron holding Armand by the throat.

“You will all pay! You will all die! Arkain will..” The deafening crack of Armand's neck, followed by the thud of his body hitting the ground, silenced all other sounds nearby.

Redraven merely shook his head, and looked away. At one point, he thought he could trust Armand. Now he knows differently. Maybe this was why Mythology left, all those years ago? This feeling of dread. Of helplessness.

“Mythology, for what happened to the Cult, I am sorry. I took offense at the notion you blamed me, and I..” Redraven quit speaking, as Mythology raised his hand to him.

“I don't blame you for the fall of the Cult. That rests solely on myself for leaving. Go, find out more on this Arkain. If anything, we can remove him from this world together.”

Redraven got to his feet, nodded his head towards Mythology, and vanished into the forest.

Turning back towards his friends, Mythology walked over to Riane, and together they walked back into the temple.
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